Speakers Bureau

Thank you for your interest in the Madison chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. We will be happy to discuss with your group the importance of journalism in a democratic republic. Our speakers can discuss a wide range of media-related issues including the First Amendment, the media and society, the Freedom of Information Act and government transparency, community journalism, and more.

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To book a speaker for your group or event, please email SPJ Madison Secretary Breann Schossow at spjmadisonspeakers@gmail.com. Please include:

  • Your group or organization
  • Requested speaker
  • Requested date and time
  • Contact person for the group or organization

Our speakers include:

pitschMark Pitsch | @markpitsch
Photo: Wisconsin State Journal

Pitsch is president of SPJ Madison. A two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist on breaking news teams, he is an assistant city editor for the Wisconsin State Journal. His reporting background includes federal and state government and politics, higher education and K-12 education. He serves on the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.

Pitsch can speak about news in the U.S., Wisconsin and Madison, government reporting, investigative journalism, newspapers, reporting and editing, fact-based journalism versus ‘fake news’, and journalism ethics.

fuhrmannLauren Fuhrmann | @LaurenFuhrmann
Photo: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Fuhrmann is vice president of SPJ Madison and the associate director of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Fuhrmann can speak about nonprofit journalism, investigative reporting, media analytics and impact measurement, and social media in the newsroom.

govier.jpgGordon Govier | @radioscribe
Photo: InterVarsity

Govier is a member of the SPJ Madison executive committee and has served as the chapter’s president and as director of SPJ Region 6. He is the public media content coordinator for InterVarsity and writes and edits stories for InterVarsity’s website.

Govier can speak about reporting and religion.

sheltonTerry Shelton | @terrykshelton
Photo: Terry Shelton

Shelton is a member of the SPJ Madison executive committee and a former president of the chapter. He is the Emeritus Outreach Director of the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has also headed the Madison chapters of the American Society of Public Administration. He currently is an independent consultant, editor, and policy innovator.

Shelton can speak about journalism education, news judgment, consuming news, and politics and media.

martino.jpgSam Martino
Martino is a member of the SPJ Madison executive committee. He is a retired journalist and retired University of Wisconsin – Whitewater instructor. He volunteers at the Simpson Street Free Press, a youth academic academy in Madison serving high school and college students and is a Hometown News contributor to The McFarland Thistle.

Martino can speak about the community journalism, story telling, history of the industry, and news coverage by wire services around the world.